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glycolic + salicylic acid toning pads 2-2 + 5-2                                                                                                          

salicylic acid usp, and glycolic acid are used in combination with hydrating ingredients in these easy-to-use pads to promote exfoliation, control oil, reduce breakouts and clogged pores. they help enhance skin clarity and are ph balanced.      


+ 2%/5% glycolic acid promotes exfoliation for smoother-looking skin
+ 2% salicylic acid usp removes surface oils, unclogs pores and opens up plugged follicles
+ witch hazel smooths and tones the skin
+ skin conditioners and natural botanicals hydrate irritated skin.

+ free of fragrance, gluten, oil, parabens + sulfate

+ non-comedogenic
+ hypoallergenic

use three days per week, once daily, am or pm after cleansing.

salicylic acid usp, 2% + glycolic acid + witch hazel

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