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pregnancy-safe skincare: everything you need to know

Growing a tiny human inside of your body is one of the most amazing things, and while the journey to motherhood looks different for everyone, there is one thing we can all agree on: bringing a tiny human into the world also comes with a variety of new worries, new rules, things to avoid, all the while your body is constantly evolving every single day. 

Your skin is no exception to this evolution, and sometimes it can be one of the first changes you notice. During pregnancy, your body is experiencing a shift in hormones and blood flow, which can cause a variety of changes to your skin including acne, dark spots, skin dryness and stretch marks. On top of that, you have a new list of ingredients commonly found in most skincare products to avoid. Have no fear, mama, kd is here! We are rounding up the most common skincare concerns during pregnancy and pregnancy-safe skincare options.

Before we get started, there are a few ingredients to avoid during your pregnancy + breastfeeding. We recommend that you always check with your OB to ensure your skincare routine is safe for both you and baby.

  • Vitamin A Derivatives (isotretinoin, tretinoin, retinol)
  • Salicylic Acid (found in most anti-acne products)
  • Hydroquinone (used to treat dark spots)
  • Oxyenzone (found in most chemical sunscreens)

Acne: During pregnancy, our bodies experience increased blood flow and oil production, thus giving us a radiant “pregnancy glow,” but pair that with a shift in hormones and you can also see an increase in acne, even if you’ve never had acne before in your life. Many acne treatment products and options are not safe during pregnancy and should be avoided (i.e. salicylic acid and retinoids), however, sticking to gentle cleansers and masks that detoxify and purify your face can help with breakouts during pregnancy.

kd product picks:
1) soothe + lather: gentle cleanser that will wash away excess oils + dirt
2) call it a night mask: detoxifies skin and removes impurities
3) hey pumpkin face mask: a nourishing mask that deeply cleanses, absorbs dirt + excess oils with kaolin, minimizes pore size.

Dark Spots: An increase in melanin (skin pigment) during pregnancy can cause dark spots on the skin. There are two main problems that can arise from this increase: melasma, brown or grey patches on the skin, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) wish is dark marks or spots left behind after a pimple heals. Ingredients that treat the prevention and treatment of dark spots (hydroquinone and oxyenzone) are also not pregnancy safe, but here are kd’s skincare options.

kd product picks:
1) ready, set, glow pads: vitamin C, kojic acid and fruit extracts help brighten dark spots and improve uneven skin tone
2) clean + sheer spf: prevention is key with melasma! melasma can be made worse by sunlight and heat exposure, making it difficult to treat. clean + sheer is a mineral sunscreen that blocks the two main factors that worsen melasma: uv rays + heat.
3) glow up serum: this vitamin c serum will brighten + clear up your skin making you glow from within

Dry Skin: Those pesky hormones are at it again, and where they can cause an increase in oil production and breakouts, they can also cause your skin to lose elasticity and moisture, leaving you with dry and itchy skin. Here are our solutions:

kd product picks: 
1) skin milk: hydrating, oil-free moisturizer that won't clog pores and soothes your skin
2) hey pumpkin face mask: 
this multi-tasking face mask deeply nourishes, exfoliates + hydrates

Shop all of our favorite pregnancy-safe skincare products here!

*Disclaimer: While these products have been deemed safe for use during pregnancy by our manufacturer, kd aesthetics always advises to consult with your OB or provider managing your pregnancy.*


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